Our experiences are planned and designed to offer exciting outdoor fun while encouraging participants to work as a cohesive team in the process. Based on the time of year, time of day and your budget and desired outcomes we can provide one or more experiences packaged for your group. Arizona BoonDockers is a customized program that combines your Fun Coach hosts, adventure vendors and venues. Enjoy the different options and send us a “booking” form so we can get back with a program to meet your needs.

Tom Car


Pair up or Tom Car in a foursome as you hit the trail for the Capture The Flag team building experience! This BoonDocker is in conjunction with outdoor adventure providers in the Cave Creek area. As one participant stated "You put the Fun into our Tom Car Adventure" thank you Fun Coach.  Your adventure is 2.5 hours and includes outdoor education, team building stops and a great time building friendships and team unity. Some of the Capture the Flag trailside activities include Stone Stacking, Blindfold Walk, Last Drink Removal, Save the Eagles Egg and more!


Capture the Flag

Our Tri-Adventure is just that! Three adventures into one experience. Based on group size and time we create the perfect BoonDocker experience for your group. Options include participating in all three or dividing participants into three different activities. Depending on the size of your group we can get everyone involved and having fun while earning points towards the overall Capture the Flag Winner. "Capture the flag" is a challenge at each station stop on the trail as teams try to perform against goals to earn designated flags. The overall flags add up and at the "trails" end celebration we award the top three teams. Finish with a Chili-Cookoff as part of the fun and make it a true BoonDocker where the Sun "sets" and the Stars "shine"! Program designed and facilitated by Todd Davis and can be hosted in several outdoor venues.

Old Town

Amazing Chase

Welcome to Old Town Scottsdale where the Old & New West meet up for some fun, food and competition.  We have a 2.5 hour chase BoonDocker set  up where clues, cameras and wits will help the best team win.  Your Chase builds in a "fun stop" for a Tapa & Drink then a Celebration Dinner and awards to wrap up the event.  This event provides shirts for the participants and a great time as you enjoy afternoon evening in the City of Scottsdale.  This event is sponsored by:Fun Coach USA

Kayak Team


Don't just Float Down the River experience a River Running BoonDocker that combines challenges, scenery and conversation while building Friendships. We offer a combination of Single or Double Kayaks or a Raft to create some group paddling teamwork and can package a "build a raft" competition at the trails end of the float. Your group will have maneuvering challenges as well as some fast fun races for points and seek the coveted River Rat Prize. End the day at an outdoor location for a Cook-Off or Barbeque and enjoy the stars coming out as the sun sets and the BoonDocker continues.

Cave Creek

Amazing Chase

Are you ready for an adventure full of clues and challenges in the unique Town of Cave Creek?  This adventure will provide a decent level of competition but promises a cold one at the break prior to the final leg of the competition.  Your groups will maneuver through the Town and hit famous places like Harold's, Buffalo Chip Saloon and search for the famous statue!  This 2.5 hour race and chase combines points for photo ops, sites, wild card items and even some tacky tourists.  As will all BoonDockers, the Trails End Party can include a Chili Challenge or just some good times and a BBQ as the awards are presented!

Jeep Rally

Don't just bounce around in a Jeep when you can get out and have some trailside challenges, old fashion fun and friendly competition in this Desert BoonDocker.  Your guided Jeep Rally will have stations set up for some friendly competition including activities as Dry Gulch Crossing, Corral Building, Target Launch, Gold Rush and more.  We blend  your outdoor education session guided by your experienced drivers with some "capture the flag" type of challenge to improve cooperation, communication and get to know you better.  Awards to the top three jeep teams and rewards to the participants for their "desert survival experience".


Chef Challenge

This BoonDocker can be a trails end activity or part of your dinner at any venue.  The Southwest Cook-off can be as simple as a Chili Challenge or complex as the full plated meal for judges.  Your group can enjoy what they make as well as your VIP's can participate in the judging.  Each team has multiple tasks to complete in the 60-75 minutes and everyone will be full engaged in either chopping, mixing, decorating or writing as they experience a BoonDocker full of tasty fun.  Spice it up with some fresh Jalapenos or Chili Power but whatever you do make sure the judges can survive the tasting.  Awards presented to the best overall and we provide all the ingredients in conjunction with your caterer.

Salsa Margarita


No dancing in this Salsa as your group will Chop, Mix and Blend Ingredients until they have the perfect recipe for Pico De Gallo and a Margarita.  Teams choose from a variety of ingredients and then use some fruit to sculpt and present the two flavors of Salsa for the judging.  The Margarita challenge offers both Shaken and Blended (power) and they can use some of the fruit, cilantro, limes or other natural ingredients for their presentation.  Get your judges ready with an Iron Stomach as they have a sip along with a chip and dip!  To help with the creativity each team must brand their creations then perform a 30-second jingle commercial to the judges to convince them to pick theme as the Top Chili Peppers!